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About our Ballet school, MLB

MLB – Munich Lohengrin Ballet Academy

Munich Lohengrin Ballet Academy consists of Vocational Division (Upper School) and General Division.

Vocational Division is a three-year program. For the foreign students we can offer from one to three year program depend on each student ability and back ground. An admission through the audition is possible at any stage of the training.

Students up to the age of 19 are admitted; exceptions are possible. The tuition is full-time and includes the following subjects: classical technique, point work, variations, repertoire, pas de deux, character dance, contemporary, improvisation, dance history, anatomy. At the end of every year there is a practical examination.

Lessons for Pre School take place in the afternoon so that the students may attend their acdemic school in the morning.

General Divison : Primary classes are for children aged 5 to 6, Pre School ballet classes for those aged 7 to 10, and Middle School 11-15.



Admission to the school is accepted at any stage of the training.

The entrance examination of the Vocational School (upper school) is held to the applicant anytime through the year.

In order to take part in the entrance examination, it is necessary to apply. Please contact us and request the application forms.


München Lohengrin Balletteakademie

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Fon (Direct): +49 (0)160 99 19 83 84(Japanese) / Fon: +49 (0)89 88 90 17 08(German, English and Japanese)
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