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‘Greetings’ from Artistic Director Sherilyn Kennedy

‘Greetings’ from Artistic Director Sherilyn Kennedy

Sherilyn Kennedy

Two year Dance Performance Diploma

I am delighted to be heading up the new dance programme for Lohengrin Ballet Akademie in April 2016.

 Lohengrin Ballet Akademie provides excellence in dance training.

 The international calibre of its teachers means that MLB is uniquely placed to provide full time vocational training to those who wish to pursue a career in dance.

 The Academy is committed to providing a course specialising in ballet and contemporary dance within a secure, stimulating and happy environment.

 It is important as providers of excellence in dance training, that we work to bring each student to his or her fullest potential, preparing them for the demands in the professional world.

 We look beyond immediate goals to our student’s long term future. The vast professional experience of our teaching staff at MLB is able to prepare the student both technically and artistically.

Our training strengthens and develops the student’s individual abilities and prepares them for a professional career in dance.


 Sherilyn Kennedy

Artistic Director

Lohengrin Ballett Akademie